An Eye to the future for one of Dayton’s Top Growth Industries

Ever since the original leaders in aviation R&D—Orville and Wilbur Wright—set up shop in Dayton, the region has been a globally recognized powerhouse for innovation in the aerospace and aviation industries. Businesses have unrivaled access to research partners, including the Air Force Research Laboratory and specialized university research centers; an established infrastructure targeted to the industry’s needs; a thriving customer base; and an unmatched supply of highly trained professionals. Moreover, the region is poised to benefit from the explosive growth in unmanned aerial systems.

All of this, combined with the area’s expanding advanced manufacturing and IT clusters, makes the Dayton region one of the nation’s top locations to develop, commercialize, manufacture and market aerospace and aviation technologies, services, and products.


With the help of the DDC, PSA Airlines located their headquarters to the Dayton region .

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Consider Some of what makes us an aerospace leader:

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems is an industry on the rise, and the Dayton Development Coalition is leading the effort to connect businesses with research partners and markets.

Along with a well-established infrastructure to support aerospace operations, the region is home to nationally recognized training centers. With the help of our invested partners—including Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Sinclair Community College, and the National UAS Training and Certification Center—we are removing barriers for businesses that want to invest in what is expected to become a $94 billion industry by 2020.

UAV Initiatives

We have several initiatives underway to advance UAS interests in the region and to raise our profile as a national center for UAS development.


This annual event draws hundreds of professionals from private industry, government, and academia to discuss research, trends, opportunities, and challenges in the UAS industry. While the conference offers sessions of national and international interest, it also serves to showcase the advantages of developing and manufacturing UAS in the Dayton region.


The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International is the world’s largest nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the UAS and robotics community. Headquartered in Virginia, the association was formed in Dayton in 1972. We partner with the Wright Brothers Chapter to promote the UAS industry in our region.


Twice a year, the Dayton Development Coalition and Sinclair Community College partner to host UAS roundtables for industry professionals and researchers. The roundtables are a forum for discussing federal and state regulations, publicly funded projects, and efforts to advance UAS commercialization and use in the Dayton region.


The Dayton Development Coalition has been a key player in the Ohio Airspace Strategic Integration Study, a two-year project to identify solutions to integrate UAS into the Air Force’s operations. The study has identified a site within 120 miles of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to test Air Force Research Laboratory drones. We are lobbying hard to open up the targeted airspace to commercial operations when the AFRL isn’t using it.


If you’re looking to enter the aerospace workforce then look at one of the 127 opportunities to get a bachelors, associates, or technical degree in a STEM area. If you’re looking to further your degree try one of the 55 graduate level programs in the area:

Take advantage of the nearly 2,000 students who graduate every year with an aerospace or STEM related degree.

LevelNumber of ProgramsDegrees Attained

Research & Development

Leader in Research, Development and Commercialization to advance your product and market:



Per year is invested in Fuels, Combustion, Chem/Bio Remote Sensing



Per year is invested in Sensor Fusion/Data Mgmt Modeling & Simulation RFID



Per year is invested in Alternative Energy Composites Nano-Materials



Per year is invested in Human Performance Human Factors

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