Information Technology

The Network & Resources Needed to Innovate

As one of the country’s top STEM communities, it’s no surprise that the Dayton region supports an established and highly successful information technology cluster. The region’s many  advantages and incentives make it attractive to both innovative start-ups and to global leaders, such as LexisNexis and Teradata. Businesses in our region tap into an extensive network of research, application, commercialization, and consulting opportunities, all backed by a network of resources and infrastructure that foster continued growth and innovation.


Peerless Technologies regional headquarters just outside the gates of Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

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Consider why we are a leader in IT & Data Management:

Cyber Initiative

The cybersecurity industry is expected to grow to $155 billion by 2019, and the Dayton Development Coalition has launched the Cyber Initiative to ensure the Dayton region’s businesses and institutions are poised to capitalize on this explosive growth.


With a unique combination of federal and university research, excellent academic cyber centers, strong cyber industries, and a waiting customer base, the Dayton region is naturally positioned to become a nationally recognized cyber center of excellence. The Cyber Initiative is building on this foundation by facilitating the integration and expansion of these resources and activities to attract new investment and jobs to the region.


The Dayton Region has numerous programs and organizations with the sole purpose of helping to grow IT and data management businesses.


Between our excellent schools and the sheer amount of regional support for technology, driven businesses makes the Dayton region Ohio’s data center.

The region is home to the highest concentration of trained information technology professionals in Ohio supporting companies that generate more than $10 billion in annual sales from information systems and advanced data management technologies.

The region’s colleges and universities offer more than 50 information degree programs, providing businesses with access to a workforce that ranges from associate-level graduates to doctorates in information systems, computer science, and engineering.


Wright State Univeristy is just one of many local Universities and colleges offering advanced technology degrees.

Research & Development

The Dayton region is home to some of the world’s top R&D facilities, which benefits our IT and data management industries.