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The Best Medicine

Discovering solutions to global health epidemics through extensive research and development is a key area for the Dayton Region. The State of Ohio continues to experience growth in the Biohealthindustry and has made a global impact in this sector due to its robust infrastructure. Biohealth sectors of business include agriculture biotechnology, medical & testing laboratories, medical device & equipment manufacturers, pharmaceuticals & therapeutics, and research & development.

The Dayton Region is home to the nation’s second largest Air Force medical teaching institution and over 35 regional hospitals, elite medical schools, training facilities, and human science related businesses. Coupled with collaborations among government, industry, and academia, it’s easy to see the significance of the biohealth industry to the Dayton Region. For example, Wright State University is leading research with regional businesses for the 711th Human Performance Wing to examine how combat fatigue affects troops. The results of these studies have future implications not only on the aero-medical industry, but will also affect national security measures.

It’s all in the numbers

Company Highlight

Ferno-Washington is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of professional patient handling solutions for emergency medical services(EMS), including ambulance cots, stretchers, backboards, stair chairs, and a full range of emergency, mortuary, and healthcare products.

Aptail Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops enhanced pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products using innovative drug delivery technologies.

Higher Education

The Dayton Region is full of talent and skilled workers in the biohealth industry. Explore the various regional colleges and universities below that have concentrated biohealth programs: