Polymers and Chemicals

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Polymers & Chemicals

Good Chemistry

Ohio is a world-class leader in the polymers and chemicals advanced materials industry, which concentrates on: composites, nano-technology, sensors, bioproducts, and polymer processing. The Dayton Region plays a significant role in the polymers and chemicals industry and has several of the nation’s top materials research institutions, including the University of Dayton’s Research Institute and the Air Force Research Labs Materials & Manufacturing Directorate.

Business partnerships are vital for transitioning a traditional automotive manufacturing environment to an advanced manufacturing climate and the Dayton Region has been fortunate to engage in various partnerships to advance itself as an industry leader. The National Composite Center, located in Dayton, OH, has entered into agreement with Airbus, a leading global aircraft manufacturer to develop the next generation of advanced materials for aircraft vehicles.

It’s all in the numbers

2014-2019 Job Employment Infographic
$5.2 Billion In Sales Icon
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Company Highlight

KN Rubber is North America's leading manufacturer of engineered rubber and plastic products. The company has over 80 years of experience in designing and developing innovative injection molded, compression molded, and die-cut components and assemblies from both new and recycled materials. KN Rubber is a trusted supplier of brands like Nyracord Rubber, Ultra-Rubber, and Symar. The company supplies approximately 100 million pounds of rubber products annually to its variety of customers.

Advanced Composites is the leading supplier of TPO’s (thermoplastic olefins) and polypropylene compounds to the North American automotive industry. The company’s customers include domestic and transplant OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer), along with their major T1 and T2 suppliers.

Higher Education

The Dayton Region is full of talent and skilled workers in the advanced manufacturing industry. Explore the various regional colleges and universities below that have concentrated advanced manufacturing programs: