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Project Details
Economic Development
Manufacturing Development Hub
City of Dayton investment in a 20k sqft bldg that otherwise turn vacant soon. To invest in SW-Ohio companies driving towards "America Forward" cutting edge market positions. Investment in this bldg allows non-profit to diversify Dayton's manufacturers battered by recessions; to minimize risk to take leaps into new technologies (think robotics, additive, etc) and/or new business customer interests (think Defense R&D challenges, or external partnerships). ECON DEVELOPMENT & BUILD ON OUR BASE!
Organization Details
Improve Dayton, LLC
5015 Alpine Rose Court
Dayton, Ohio. 45458
Organization Contact Details
Improve Dayton Non-Profit
5015 Alpine Rose Court
Dayton, Ohio. 45458
Location Details
Ohio 10th
Financial Details
$50,000 additional to be added to the project from investors.
Construction or Capital
The investor $50K; together with the $125K requested here for re-model & improvements plus the $375K (to buy the building from owner and keep it from going vacant/becoming an eyesore) all to be provided by the Requesting PDAC organization "Improve Dayton, LLC"...all together make up the full project cost of $550,000 that will be spent for the betterment of Dayton and it's business development stakeholders and businesses.
Not sure but America Makes and other Manufacturing programs by the Dept of Defense have shown that once up & running the investment could lead to easily $2M - $50M worth of grant and contract award dollars from the Federal Government in order to tap into Manufacturing knowledgebase and find solutions to DoD, US Government's manufacturing supply chain challenges and Dayton is a perfect candidate to answer the call! In March, the Biden administration issued a final rule, building on an earlier executive order, that updated the Buy American Act. Specifically, this rule raises the domestic content threshold for federal procurements, unless exceptions apply, from 55% to 60% this year and then to 65% in 2024, and 75% in 2029.
Community Details
I believe there is so much un-tapped value and have proven this to be so in 15years as a manufacturer in Dayton Ohio (owner and operator of Trojon Gear, Inc.). There is also a huge gap in the need from the customer (advanced manufacturing and a solid manufacturing supply chain local to Ohio and USA for that matter) from the actual ability of the USA (and especially SW Ohio/Dayton's) ability to (1) make a leap from small or medium sized manufacturer to provider of advanced manufacturing products and (2) the ability to operate in an advanced technology era with new tools and technology (additive and robotics). The public private Manufacturing teams of FASTLANE, TECHSolve, GE Aero Hub, and others are doing there best but there is nothing in the way of providing a business the ability to "link with the federal government need" in a way that doesn't risk their core business. There is no way for a business today to take the risk to learn a new technology, buy and try a new additive manufacturing machine or process, or build the capability internally. This PDAC investment creates that space, funds it with PDAC small investment (in terms of overall non-profit purchase in year 1) and for that investment the City, State and local business and individuals working in this "makerspace" or "manufacturing hub" are all benefited greatly. With a vast network of friends in academia, and gov’t entities here in Dayton we've already confirmed that are all driving towards / pursuing this need for a collaborative work/manufacturing space.

This building will be used like an AeroHub Innovation District (similiar to one that was done near GE Evandale). As Dayton Ohio Business owner, consultant, & Manufacturing philanthropist in Ohio; I’ve worked with GE as a supplier for over 15 years now with Trojon Gear, Inc. providing precision machined parts in the amount of about $250K annually in sales/expense. The operating LLC is a non-profit ready to operate within this building and improve upon it. FURTHER LIMITING the EYESORES popping up as baby boomers sell un-used and un-wanted space downtown Dayton. IF these PDAC and LLC funds don't purchase the building on 35 Bates St then no one is likely to and it will fall apart in no time.

The 26,000 sqft historical bldg. in downtown Dayton was a screw machine operation that makes under 2” machined parts of all kinds. They have 3-4 amazing machinists I’m looking to put to work and training those around the Dayton Area in a public/private partnership of some kind. Idea is to then transition the business operations to a non-profit or private/public partnership space whereby:
1. Machines are provided to all who use the space and those in trade schools might use the space for training/classes/workshop
2. Overhead is shared in a monthly fee to all for membership
3. Experience and mentors available to learn the manufacturing trade and build a network
4. Provide a place for up and coming minds and hands to build there manufacturing without large risk of failure in beginning their own shop from scratch
5. Provide solutions to Ohio and America’s biggest manufacturing challenges

What problem does this solve for Ohio, Local Business, & the city?
1. Dayton manufacturing generally benefits from the bldg. not going empty and a place to train and learn additive or other techniques and try out new ideas in technology
2. Proving ground for private companies to use leveraged experts and leverage Small business innovative research funding and other federal grants that provide:
1. Technology experiments with additive and other new tech
2. Machine prototypes and work with local small companies on new projects
3. Allows the business assets and knowledge of the employees to be used to train new entrants to the industry & the assets could be used as cheap initial “practice” machines

Local business use the location for the following:
1. Talent pool from which to hire from
2. Sinclair additional machining space if needed
5. Apprentice & UDRI-like cost studies could be done here and/or those businesses looking to do their own manufacturing with shared minds and shared resources

America Makes and "America Forward" (in connection with GE to no small part) are two big additive movements I’ve got my eye on and this could be a useful jump off point to bring manufacturing back to Dayton in cutting edge tech. Like Michigan, Ohio is trying to diversify an economy whose manufacturing base has been battered by recession and offshore outsourcing. Economic development officials are designing road maps to nurture clusters and the leading universities in Ohio have long been at the cutting edge of important technologies—but not always good at translating them into local industries.

I believe the next round of innovations must translate into regional industries. Let’s make Dayton Ohio a leader in ours.
Help me make a difference!
11 to 25
1 to 10
there are four machinists working at the building today and would be kept as machine educators, technology adopters & the primary workforce that will train the newcomers. The new jobs created are up to 25 in which the LLC non-profit plans to hire as manufacturing jobs come in, Grants and Contract awards for technology studies and feasibility demonstrations are awarded from the DoD, and at which time the makerspace will be up and in full operation.
Advanced Manufacturing
Additional Details
Chris Trochelman

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